Hattiesburg Hack: Finding Your Dental Home

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There are many dental care services available in Hattiesburg and the surrounding area. Understandably, it can be quite difficult to pick what’s best for you. Lamar Dental’s goal is to provide you and your family with comprehensive, quality dental services. When you are searching for a new dental home, we want you to know what to seek in a dental office.

Why Dental Care Matters

Oral health is just that, part of your health! Proper dental hygiene and maintenance are crucial to your overall well-being. While dental emergencies and toothaches happen, prevention should be the priority of any office.

First time visits start with a comprehensive dental check-up where you will be assessed for tooth and gum health. If you need more than a cleaning, the dentist should educate then offer tailored services such as cavity fillings, crowns, and root canals. The goal is to find oral disease early and find quality solutions to prevent worsening problems. Lamar Dental takes pride in providing unique, affordable solutions so help you maintain your smile.

Comprehensive Services by Your Dentist

Ideally, your dentist should be able to provide a wide array of services to fit your needs and wants. Oral health screening and teeth cleaning are initial and important services. Other maintenance treatment may include fluoride treatments or mouth guards. If additional work is needed, your dentist should be equipped to perform crowns, bridges, or root canals. Patients may even want to brighten their smiles at the office. Lamar Dental offers cosmetic dentistry procedures ranging from teeth whitening to veneers. In certain cases, a patient may need specialized care to address more complex issues. There are specialty-trained dentists in Hattiesburg who can provide periodontal care, orthodontics, and even oral surgery.

The Cost of Dentistry

As with any professional service, cost is certainly a factor to keep in mind. Costs may vary depending on the procedure complexity and material costs such as a root canal or crown Others may be relatively inexpensive such as a cavity filling.

Pricing may also vary by region of the country or state. Some dentist offices may offer sliding scale payments or be in-network with your dental insurance, which gives the patient a lower out of pocket costs. Other dentists may not take insurance at all, which typically involves higher out of pocket payments. Your dentist should assist you with your insurance coverage and discuss costs before beginning therapy. Shopping around is always a good idea! At Lamar Dental, we are in-network with many insurance carriers and offer flexible payment options such as CareCredit or our own membership plan.

Convenient Dentistry Keeps You In Mind

Convenience goes a long way. Finding a dental office in Hattiesburg shouldn’t be a hassle, and location can be just as important as the dental visit. Being located near a main road in Hattiesburg, Lamar Dental offers a convenient location for our patients. Dentist offices should be open during the usual business hours and provide flexible scheduling. Your time is valuable, and dental emergencies are just that, emergencies! Same day or walk-in dental visits are offered at many practices, including Lamar Dental.

Given the emergence of technology, your dental office should utilize technology for communication, payment, and scheduling. At Lamar Dental, we offer all three of those things! You can easily book and change your appointment online. We accept most payment methods in office and can offer flexible payment options. Each patient is sent confirmation e-mails or text messages so confirmation is quick and easy.

Education and Collaboration

Just like a medical visit, a visit to the dentist office should involve assessment and education so the patient can make the best decision for their health. Your dentist should be able to thoroughly explain their findings and treatment plan. Modern technology allows for patients to see their X-ray findings as the dentist explains any possible areas of concern. At Lamar Dental, we have television screens in each room so we can show you X-ray findings and explain your needs in a no pressure setting.

#SmileLocal Sets Lamar Dental Apart

We believe #SmileLocal summarizes our core belief: Delivering excellent dental care is best done by a truly independent office. That means we work entirely for you, the patient. Dentistry is best performed with the dentist and patient, not shareholders or corporate entities. Our duty is to you, the patient.

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